The most distinctive feature of the Coton is the coat.

“Of unique cotton texture without woolly undercoat. The coat is full and supple, standing away from the body. Can be slightly wavy, not heavy, curly, coarse or silky. Never trimmed except to tidy feet. Coat texture is more important than length.”Kennel Club


“… is a competition where a dog‘s attributes and conformation are compared against a breed standard for its breed.” – Kennel Club


” tests a dog’s fitness, as well as the handler’s ability to train and direct their dog.” Kennel Club

Cotons As Therapy Dogs

This guide has been written by one of our committee members who has a number of Coton de Tulears who are therapy dogs. The information provided includes:

1. What is a therapy dog?

2. The benefits therapy dogs provide;

3. What makes a good therapy dog?

4. Cotons as therapy dogs; and 5. How to get involved.

Coton de Tulears as Therapy Dogs